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  In summer, with the time of day getting longer and longer, until 7 or 8 o'clock in the evening, night life is naturally enriched. The schedule of what to do, drink, sing and run at night has been improved. In addition, the most noticeable thing is probably the beauty and car modification.
  However, at present, many car modification projects in China are illegal.
  The reason is that Mao zedongmao thinks it's similar to a woman's plastic surgery, which is a good face slimming needle, but if plastic surgery is a different photo ID, airport security can't pass, it will really affect daily life.
  According to media reports, two days ago, Xi'an traffic police and industrial and commercial departments raided two car modification factories, and temporarily detained and dragged six illegally modified small cars. It can be said that the nest of the refitted car has been copied all of a sudden, which has great repercussions in the refitting industry.
  Why should traffic police destroy their weapons? Or what kind of car modification is legal?
  It goes back to the rules of our country. According to the regulation No. 5 of the revised regulations on the administration of motor vehicle registration. 124 Ministry of public security
  In addition, many old drivers care about the wheel hub and can also play side ball. In addition to being the most eye-catching, the hub is lighter, allowing the car to accelerate, brake and turn faster. However, the hub needs to be the same size as the original car, otherwise the DMV may refuse your request.
  At this point, you may ask, which changes are illegal? Will the road be stopped by traffic police, or the annual pass? Next, Mao Mao will have a detailed chat with you.
  The first is the intake and exhaust system.
  The exhaust system of a few car owners has changed slightly. There are very manic decibels in the car. They roar in the street, which is very disturbing. The traffic police will not let it go. Of course, for naturally aspirated engines, it is not allowed for the traffic police to increase the turbocharger, horsepower and torque of the car.
  The second is to reduce the height of the body.
  Official statement: the shape and technical data of the registered vehicle are not allowed to be changed. Simply put, add a tail fin; widen the wheelbase, modify the width of the wing out of the body; add a "fin" cooling port on the engine cover; install a spoiler at the rear end; replace the shock absorber, suspension system, etc. These are forbidden. The above mentioned replacement of the personalized wheel hub, strictly in accordance with this, is also prohibited, but now a lot of vehicle management is not so strict.
  There are also logo changes and headlight upgrades. In the Anti Japanese wave, some Japanese car owners changed the logo, while some car owners changed the logo of the "Wuling" God, which were not passed by the traffic police. Blind upgrading of headlights is a bit of a misdemeanor. Maomao saw that too many "high beam dogs" replaced the 5000 and 6000 lumen high beam lights and simply blinded each other's cars.
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邮箱:[email protected]
地址:山东省济南市全福立交桥东100米路北(工业北路301号)通运汽配城3排15、16号 4排15、16号)


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